Branding AidTrade

The concepts ‘Aid’ and ‘Fair Trade’ have been well accepted by the international community separately. Both strategies meet many needs and is wonderful, but there is a need to move on from there. Good intensions are not enough. Leaders from developing countries should come together to find solutions to some of the real problems. Not prescribed but solution designed by the people themselves as full-fledged participants in a global market.

The very first step in the process of implementation of the concept is to define the principles and to create a recognizable brand that can be used by companies, organizations and individuals that are willing to incorporate the AidTrade® principles into their operations.

It is the intention of the founders to bring together leaders from the business world, governments, academia and religious figureheads to establish a platform that will be committed to the development of a code of good practice based on the AidTrade® principles. Potential partners and participants are therefore invited to get in touch with the AidTrade® office in Newcastle (UK) and start cooperating with this new movement.